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  • Become a Software Reseller -- Quality Resellers Invited

    A-1 Technology is pleased to partner with selected Value Added Software Resellers. Our market success is due to our partners, who are very much mindful of our excellent services and prestige. For introducing a new market opportunities, please contact us to explore the options for a mutually-beneficial agreementWe have a history of success with the following forms of cooperation:

    Good For
    How Does It Work
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    Sporadic introduction from individuals who have access to market advancement
    If you are aware of a market opportunity - call us to discuss how you can take advantage of it
    Registered Reseller
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    Business development and networking enthusiasts who are interested to legitimize some of their relations
    We sign a partnership compliance calling for generous referral fees and ensuring that you remain in charge of your contacts.
    Regional representative
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    Business development professionals, knowledgeable in a particular market niche.
    Help A-1 Technology become established in a particular geographic or industrial division.
    White label
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    Broaden the scope of your existing services by adding those offered by A-1 Technology
    A-1 Technology will provide services to your clients under your company's name.

    References and Testimonials for our programs are available upon request .

    Our channel partners receive training, marketing support, and rewards. To learn more about A-1 Technology's Authorized Reseller Program, Call 888-276-4064.

    A-1 Technology maintains a partner support program with the following features:

    Member-only Portal

    Joint Marketing including events and on-line seminars

    Access to Pre-sales Resources

    Access to Technical Experts

    Access to marketing literature and presentation materials

    Technical support for product related queries

    Project Accounting and Financial ReportingTechnology and Communication Tools

    If you are interested in becoming a reseller, simply Email Us and one of our representatives will contact you soon.

    Our Clients

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