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  • Cloud Computing

    There are a lot of challenges that are faced by large organizations and enterprises as business customers continuously demand rapid delivery of services. This requires innovative integration of protocols in the internal business structure so that the organizations can respond to various queries and opportunities at any given time.

    It has become very difficult to have an edge over others in this competitive market and has been often seen that companies over exhaust their resources in order to respond to changing business requests.

    With the evolution of market trends, there is a need of cloud computing that can offer services on demand. Rather than exhausting their own resources, organizations can depend on cloud services to manage overall operations structure without having to oversee the basic functionality. This ensures compliance reliability, security, and governance standards.

    A-1 technology has been a pioneer in helping organizations by proving them with cloud solutions which can be deployed as a private infrastructure exclusive to that particular organization. This is very useful as far as security protocols are concerned. Moreover it helps customize the cloud computing to the needs of the organization so that it can be easily integrated into the overall infrastructure.

    Our cloud computing services not only improves the quantity and quality of the resources available to any organization but it also provides them with flexibility and ingenuity which results in competitive advantage.

    There are various dimensions of cloud computing:

    • Software as a Service(SaaS)
    • Platform as a Service(PaaS)
    • Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS)

    Advantages of moving to Cloud Computing :

    1. Trimmed expenses The biggest advantage of shifting to cloud computing is evident as far as overall cost reduction is concerned. The truncated expenditure over software and hardware installation, networking management etc makes it very easy to manage the resources which can be utilized in different spheres. Our Cloud computing services are more definitive due to the fact that you pay as you use.

    2. Enhanced Scalability : As your business will expand you will require more storage space which would involve more hardware systems and software licenses. This brings in the issue of sociability that a lot of organization have to face. Due to our tedious ecosystem and services, you don't have to worry about scaling up or down as we provide you with flexibility on resources.

    3. Availability Everywhere : In this competitive market, being available 24x7 gives you a definitive edge over others. It provides your organization as well as your clients a hassle free access to the documents and files whenever and wherever they require.

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