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  • A-1 Technology Inc. Edge

    A-1 Technology, a New York based software outsourcing company is fast emerging as an e-business solution provider with extensive experience in building innovative and creative web-based financial applications for the brokerage, banking and insurance industries.

    With a dedicated Quality Control team and streamlined quality check procedures, A-1 Technology ensures client software development products adhere to specifications to emerge absolutely bug / virus-free.

    By outsourcing software development, offshore website development and e-commerce solutions to India, A-1 Technology provides clients with a powerful combination of design and technology that gives a decided economic impetus to online business.

    Outsourcing designing, engineering, structuring and maintenance of e-commerce software needs to India allows A-1 Technology to retain its position as a revolutionary solution provider that helps clients halve costs while providing quality e-commerce solutions that would cost close to a year’s budget elsewhere. Whether you are spend to create software solutions for your business or re-engineer the maintain your existing software, A-1 Technology provides Outsourcing to India for you and the revolutionary services that cut your cost by more then half.

    How Do We Achieve Your Goals!

    A-1 Technology, an expert in achieving budget targets has evolved a number of processes over a period of time by studying software development costs. A study that has helped hone its expertise in cutting down unnecessary expenditure without limiting or decreasing quality. A-1 Technology takes pride in the fact that best practice processes in the software development industry gives it a most definite edge with new and returning customers. Processes that have helped many struggling e-commerce businesses to find economic prosperity as A-1 Technology effectively manages and reduces the following costs:

    A-1 Technology offers Clients an Easy Working Relationship!

    A-1 Technology approaches development and maintenance through a simplified access to project domains. We provide 24/7 support channels via phone, fax, e-mail and cutting-edge messenger services, and A-1 Technology is accessible to global customers around the clock, no matter the time or the hour.

    Our Clients

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