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    Software Outsourcing Company

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    Mobile Application Development

    We at A1 Technology boast of a strong expertise and versatility in providing custom mobile application development. The rapidly growing mobile space demands rendering innovation for converting theoretical expectations to reality. We have a long experience at developing ground breaking ideas on operating systems such as Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile and iPhone/iPad. Customized applications can give a distinctive edge to your enterprise whether small or big.

    iPhone Application Development:

    With iPhone being at the pinnacle of mobile space and the ever escalating demands of creative applications,we make you reach the top of the curve. Our customized applications are a testimony of our impeachable abilities. Please feel free to request our iPhone development projects to assess our experience.

    Our result oriented developers have created iPhone applications in the areas of:

    • shopping
    • entertainment
    • games
    • news
    • social media
    • Utilities
    • Search Tools
    • Messaging
    • Business
    • Health care

    We also consider requests for developing enterprise solutions based on the iPhone SDK. We are ready to provide detailed description of our iPhone software development projects on request to demonstrate our experience.

    Android Application Development:

    A-1 Technology Inc. provide you application development for java mobile:

    • Custom Android Apps
    • Games
    • Multimedia
    • Security
    • Communication

    Blackberry Application Development:

    Blackberry is proving to be the widely used for the corporate solution for the crucial decision making due to its dual PDA and smartphone functionalities. Development is done through BlackBerry JME and BlackBerry J2ME.

    A-1 Technology Inc. offer BlackBerry programming solutions for applications pertaining to:

    • Custom software
    • E-commerce solutions
    • Third-party applications
    • Multimedia games Development
    • Rich multimedia applications
    • VoIP applications programming
    • GPS applications programming

    Windows Mobile Application Development:

    One of the most famous smart phones market is of the windows mobile running on the win32 API. These phone generally have rich features has an interface developed like the windows desktop. Our developers have developed software's for both native and managed programming languages.

    A-1 Technology Inc is experienced in providing ingenious applications in various domains such as:

    • Business
    • VoIP
    • Database integration
    • Games
    • entertainment

    Our Clients

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