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    Media applications

    A-1 Technology has worked with various Media Clients including Print Media, News Outlets & Television Industry, Magazine and Entertainment industry and developed for them both Web based applications and Mobile applications. Our Media & Entertainment developers have a significant cross functional expertise in a number of domains coupled with expertise in proven technologies such as Web technology, Mobile technology and Client Server technology.

    Our developers cater to a wide range of simple as well as complex business requirements related to our media clients. From organizing just-in-time delivery of digital content on a wide range of devices using multiple access modalities to development of interactive apps, we specialize in different new media communication solutions.

    We have developed applications for Printing companies through which users can create, customize & order Digital Printing items like Business Card, Post Cards, Laminated Cards, Name Badges, Singe & Display items like Banners, Posters, Walkway Signs, Street Signs, Promotional Items like Calendars, Mugs, T-Shirts, etc.

    We have also developed Digital magazine subscription based app with options for monthly subscription available for Mobile devices which provides all events related information to its users. Data is cached from server and is visible in offline/online mode. User can also share the details with Facebook / Twitter / Myspace users & friends.

    Our company has also developed streaming media app for one of our client which was deployed across 20 million+ Smartphone by the carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile etc.

    Our company also specializes in social media application development. We have the required expertise to develop variety of social media web applications for Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, video networking sites and other networking websites.

    Our Clients

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