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  • Software Outsourcing to India

    Software Outsourcing has become a market trend among many organizations and enterprises in a effort to manage resources and reduce cost expenditure in the current competitive market paradigm. By developing various consumer to enterprise level applications in an offshore development center like India, there are many organizations that are able to focus more on their core business process rather than managing resources for development life cycle.

    IT industry which is growing at 40 percent every year due to the tremendous increase in demand of offshore application development has made India a prime player in providing an ecosystem of these services. Success in the new economic era heavily depends on the business ability to adapt to market pressures with speed and timeliness. This often demands changes to business processes and their support systems.

    One of the proven strategies for the businesses is to spend their scarce internal resources in developing sustainable competitive advantage, leaving non-core areas to be outsourced. This has led to the usage of alternative sourcing options especially in system development initiatives, including independent contractors, application service providers (ASPs), external integrator and remote programming resources.

    Increasingly, outsourcing to offshore contracting, especially to India has become a very attractive option. In the early days of outsourcing, a number of IT organizations have used offshore providers for legacy and maintenance work because of the relatively low risk associated with these projects. The more mission critical projects were not sent offshore because of the perceived delivery risks. However, in recent years this model has dramatically changed.

    A-1 Technology with its India based multiple offshore development centers has been a pioneer in providing development services to its clients worldwide ranging from retail, banking, e-commerce, insurance, media and entertainment, finance, health and much more. Our proven methodology and various factors have resulted in making us an ideal choice for any type of software outsourcing:

    • Our highly trained workforce
    • Appreciation for software development disciplines
    • Widespread use of the English language
    • We have proven track record of delivering high-end solutions.
    • We have time and again shown our clients our capability of providing extremely high level of software development.

    Employing offshore contractors with a strong US presence, or indirectly through domestic integrator, can extend offshore contractor's range of tasks beyond the more mundane projects. Moreover it gets integrated with e-business application development projects utilizing the latest technologies, while at the same time minimizing risk, reducing overhead and speeding up time to market.

    Over the years, we at A-1 Technology have been responding to ever changing IT infrastructures and growing demand for new business processes with cost effective solutions. Our flexibility to work on any scale offer a proven framework for delivering vital execution of development services customized according to the requirements. We integrate a lot of tools and techniques to access and maximize the strategic integration of your business process, leading to increase in productivity and profitability.

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