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  • Outsourcing IT

    It has been seen time and again that enterprises and businesses often outsource their IT services for a variety of reasons. There are many benefits that can be yielded from undergoing this strategy. Reasons like reduction of cost expenditure, less burden on resources and ability to focus more on core business operations make outsourcing IT services an ideal choice.

    A-1 technology has been a pioneer in offshore maintenance service aimed at taking over complete responsibility for the ongoing enhancement, maintenance and support of your complex internet-based application. Our outsourced IT services leverages world-class practice methods to help your organization conduct e-business better by:

    • Improving quality
    • Leveraging our vast talent pool
    • Reducing cost
    • A-1 Technology quality and satisfaction guarantee
    • Access to vast resource pool with expertise in varied technologies
    • One-stop shop for execution of projects on any platform
    • Significant cost advantage
    • Round-the-clock support available
    • Access to A-1 Technology R&D support

    Our Offshore Maintenance Services allows you to quickly and seamlessly transition your application management duties to A-1 Technology. With our E-commerce Maintenance service, it becomes very easy for you to closely monitored your overall management process. In order to seamlessly transition the responsibility. A-1 Technology uses a methodology calledExpress Management Methodology. This is beneficial in:

    • Emphasize rapid transition of the application to A-1 Technology.
    • Consist of 3 phases with clear deliverable.
    • Knowledge Acquisition.
    • Simulation
    • Transition

    A-1 Technology executes the Knowledge Acquisition phase to gain the critical in-depth understanding of existing systems before going live with remote, offshore maintenance. During this phase, the A-1 Technology on-site team works at the client’s site, with end-users and people maintaining the application. This ensures that user requirements are base lined before starting the next phase.

    Complex applications often require a simulation phase where the A-1 Technology team, ensures that the offshore environment and different time zones are replicated correctly before transitioning work offshore. In the transition phase, a subset of the on-site A-1 Technology team returns offshore and trains the remainder of the A-1 Technology team to execute live maintenance and enhancement requests. It is essential that training be completed before the full cut over of operations.

    Having completed simulation and training, the full cut over takes place wherein the client’s daily maintenance and support operations are moved to the offshore centers in India. A-1 Technology provides standard 14-hour daily coverage, which, if needed, can be extended to 24 x 7 support, including help desk options.

    Depending upon the requirement of the project, one or more A-1 Technology team members are stationed on-site after the full cut over, to interface between the client and A-1 Technology offshore teams for ensuring consistent system up-time.

    Our Clients

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