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    We continue to target market-leading companies operating in high growth niches or industry verticals with the potential for international or inorganic expansion. we are interested in opportunities to expand companies globally, innovate in products and delivery, and achieve economies of scale. In recent years, we are seeing the increasing importance of software, services, and systems to enterprises and consumers globally. We will also support the company through potential external acquisitions and innovation, by increasing R&D investment, which may further enhance the technological development of the company and continue to meet clients needs and demands.

    Healthcare Applications Healthcare Applications
    A-1 technology offers wide range of offshore healthcare application development services. Being specialist in the health care application development - both website and windows based desktop application development ....more
    Media ApplicationsMedia Applications
    A-1 Technology has worked with various Media Clients including Print Media, News Outlets & Television Industry, Magazine and Entertainment industry and developed for them both Web based applications and Mobile applications....more
    Pharma Applications Pharma Applications
    A-1 Technology offers e-business solutions, Application maintenance services, Consultancy services & Mobile application development solutions across different mobile platforms including iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry....more
    Financial ApplicationsFinancial Applications
    We are the leading finance automation technology developer on the corner of Wall Street. Our company has a strong workforce of engineers and programmers. Finance is one of our key verticals. We have analysts who are Series 7, Series....more
    E-Commerce Applications E-Commerce Applications
    A-1 Technology offers Ecommerce services to small, large and fortune 500 clients which include design, development, maintenance and promotion of Ecommerce B2B as well as B2C websites. Our Ecommerce solutions that we deploy for....more
    Mobile ProgrammingMobile Programming
    We at A-1 Technology have strong expertise and versatility in providing custom mobile application development. The rapidly growing mobile space demands rendering innovation for converting theoretical expectations into reality.....more

    Our Clients

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