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    Aggressive marketing has always been a big priority for any organization to excel in this highly competitive market. It is a time where an enterprise has to connect with it clients in a sustainable manner and address their queries from time to time so as to retain them. Social Networking has evolved overall and has opened new avenues for the business marketing strategies.

    There are billions of users that are hooked on to some social networking website, so it is upon the organizations to take advantage of that and reach out to a wide audience. We at A-1 Technology understand the importance of social media in this competitive market and how organizations can take benefit from it. We focus on developing social media applications which aid in delivering the message and fulfilling our client's marketing strategy through the viral communication channels.

    The developers at A-1 Technology are are well in sync with the current trends and are dedicated to your success by developing customized applications for social media such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Yelp, to name a few. It is the sharing of information that has become a vital pillar of communication, and by reaching out to your desired userbase, you are able to capitalize as much as you can.

    Our result oriented developers have created iPhone applications integrated with social media connectivity in the areas of:

    • Survey operations or quiz
    • Role playing games applications
    • Trivia applications
    • Multimedia applications
    • Gifting applications
    • Utility Applications
    • Viral Marketing Applications
    • Events based Applications

    There is an important saying that Social progress can be measured by the social position of an organization. We help small businesses as well as large enterprises by placing them in all of the social media directories and market their applications to a plethora of users all around the globe. By developing and implementing the applications, we not only dismiss the hassle of our clients to manage the application but it also results in the reduction of expenditure.

    A-1 Technology focuses on meeting your social media requirements and making them versatile. Usage is monitored as well as analyzed for your business applications. We also dwell in maintaining viral channels and enhancing the applications from time to time to give you that distinctive edge.

    Our years of expertise in the social networking applications have given us an edge over the others. Our enthusiastic services is not only thriving for getting you the utmost business but also creating long term alliance with your customers.

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