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    Software Outsourcing Company

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    Terms & Conditions

    Terms and Conditions of Engagement with A-1 Technology

    1.All work is done on a Time and Material basis and all invoices are due on receipt. Client can choose an hourly or monthly plan.

    2. It is clients responsibility to respond to queries raised by the A-1 Technology within 2-3 days of A-1 Technology’s request to avoid delays in the project.

    3. A-1 does not make any performance guarantee and does not guarantee any delivery dates. Client is responsible for working with the resources on the project and providing adequate feedback to ensure that projects are on the track. If client is unsatisfied with a resource working on his project, then client can recommend replacement or termination of the resource by sending a written request to the Project Manager. All invoices will be prorated to the day the request was received.

    4. Client is responsible for procuring and providing access to licenses for any software needed for this project.

    5. If any APIs or dependencies are there due to a 3rd party vendors or component, then it is clients responsibility for communicating with them as well as for procurement of such components.

    6. Patron shall not try directly or indirectly to induce the employees or the management team working on the project, to make any alterations in the project or to perform any other related work/project outside the scope of the agreement, at an unofficial level.

    7. Client does not have the right to hire any of A-1 Technology’s employees/consultants directly and does not have the right to hold source code if client fails to pay invoices in due time.

    8. The Client shall not be entitled to have the access to the source code unless all pending dues are cleared on time.

    9. All work and engagement between A-1 Technology and Client shall be governed by the laws of the State of New York.

    Our Clients

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