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    Web Development

    Ever since the advent of internet into the business paradigm of socioeconomic sphere, it has become imperative for enterprises and business to have a substantial online presence. Internet has enabled organizations to reach far greater audience with instant information sharing and has opened a new horizon for communication.

    In order to create a successful website, there are few fundamental things that are needed to be kept in mind. It is highly important to understand your target audience and sales strategy, which forms the core basis of any website. By highlighting the short as well as long term potential of your web design you can penetrate your desired market far easily.

    We at A-1 Technology have been helping businesses and organizations structure, design and implement their online presence in a seamless manner. The strong expertise of the developers and designers at the A-1 Technology has enabled our clients to ride the Web 2.0 revolution in the recent times. Internet has broken all the barriers and carved its way in to the every domain. We at A-1 Technology boast of our strong know-how in the server architecture, consisting of skillful configuration of the web server and coding on both the client side and the server side. Our web based applications are customized for your needs and help your business. Interactive applications are developed to capture the audience attention and keep them engaged.

    Web development has always been at the core of everything that we have been doing for the past decade. We are passionate about using our strength in technology to help boost your brand online. Whether it's building content-managed websites, developing customized solutions, social integration or creating mobile applications, our web developers can deliver a high quality solution for your needs. Being proactive in the digital space helps our clients get ahead of the competition.

    Our designers along with developers at A-1 Technology work in accordance with the client's requirements and focus on attracting business opportunities for the client. Our analysts build a pre-development report for the client to better understand their targeted market, hence making it easier for us to develop a correct balance of user friendly, intuitive and innovative web content.

    We develop web based applications and better solution across a variety of platforms like

    • Java
    • Ajax and Flash
    • HTML5
    • PHP (Open Sources)
    • CSS3

    With more than a decade of expertise under our belt, we have engaged in numerous projects of web development. Our proven methodology and robust and regulated procedures have helped us create some impeccable websites. Right from the start we adhere to stringent policies of web development which include:

    • Overall review of Current scenario
    • Online marketing and maintenance
    • Thoroughly Planning and designing the UI and content architecture
    • Precise coding of the front-end
    • Development of back-end CMS
    • Testing and Quality assurance
    • In-depth analysis of business process

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