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    Build Operate and Transfer.

    Setting up IT infrastructures has always been a hassle for organisations who don’t have their own captive center and do not possess local expertise or extensive resources necessary to set up offshore operations. Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) has become the core choice for these organisations in making them efficient and reducing their risk assessment.

    We at A-1 Technology Inc, have been providing highly proficient Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) solution services with better network availability and resources while transferring knowledge from the vendor to the operator. We have a proven track record in helping clients achieve cost savings with our robust BOT solutions including Development, Maintenance and Support services. The offshore project management and offshore delivery services ensures quality delivery with the right combination of strategic and financial value.

    We can be your partner in increasing your revenue stream and bringing a range of new services and products to the mainstream such as design, build, operations, and other related project management and consultancy services.

    Please Download Build Operate and Transfer White Paper Here

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