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    Software Outsourcing Company

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    Why A-1 Technology ?

    A-1 Technology has an unique project management offering which is delivered using an extranet and other collaboration tools. All of this combined with strong project management allow us to provide close interaction and communication which greatly aids project success.

    Our clients have often cited the daily status reporting and strong project management as one of the key differentiator over our competitors. The Daily Status Reports shall allow you to continuously gauge the progress on the project and any feedback required can be given without costly delays. The teams shall be closely monitored by the Team Lead and further by the Project Manager, thus ensuring that there are no communication gaps. We have a daily scrum call to communicate the project priorities to the team and to get an update on the project which the client can also join. We are one of the largest cross platform developers for .NET, PHP, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other mobile platforms and can quickly deploy resources with expertise for related development requirement to work on the project and can scale the team as required.

    A-1 Technology can provide a blend of Onsite & Offsite Resources which is unique in the firms which typically competes with us. As a result of our blended solutions we can typically provide a high value service and performance to our client at a lower cost. Because of the proximity to our clients we are able to deliver high performance to our client.

    We provide a clear and simple pricing for our clients. All resources are completely interchangeable to meet our client shifting requirements. As an example, client may request at any time that they want to swap a developer with a designer or vice versa. All of these resources are available to our clients’ discretion at the same flat price providing complete flexibility in the resource requirement. Service will be provided by a support team that will be available to you 24x7.

    We will be accessible to you by phone, IM or ticket at all times.

    We will take special care to assist with your urgent requests.

    A live escalation contact will be readily available to you at all times.

    We will follow through our commitments to you.

    Programmers ought to work in the same time zone as that of the client.

    A-1 Technology’s focus is:

    To develop and customize software for clients on a project basis.

    Our focus is on enhancing the built-in capabilities of client’s products first and then adding the solution as required.

    Our broad consultant pool allows us to assign dedicated resources on the clients projects.

    Data Lifecycle Management is our expertise and emphasis-we don’t dilute our efforts with broad applications.

    We deploy a process-based approach for delivering the services.

    Unlike the traditional modular approach, our practice is organized by the business processes followed in the industry.

    We use a service-oriented delivery model to deliver true business value to our clients.

    To provide either technical or business resources as an outsourced capability.

    Our Clients

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